Thursday, 3 February 2011


The other day I thought I might learn how to play scales on the Autoharp. There was aYouTube teaching clip on how to play a scale that I watched. Because I can't sing I'm relying on playing a melody on my harp rather than just strumming along as background rhythm. I am hoping that by learning scales I might learn the placement of the strings and become a better judge of where to play on the instrument.

I've started with the C scale and am using the C, G7 & F Chords. I alternate the C & G7 chords with the F chord to achieve an A.  I'm slowly making headway at playing sthe full scale but I don't think I'm exactly in time. I find by picking each note with my thumb I have greater control but am slightly slower than using thumb and finger.

I'm hoping that if I get hold of a Metronome at some point I might be able to build up my speed and regularity. It is slowly teaching me to recognise where the different notes are located, although I need to practice much more.

Here's the YouTube clip for playing scales (From Terwilliger Jones) -

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  1. I'm just learning the autoharp, but from what I've been taught, it's best to start out learning scales using a pinch with the middle finger on the note and the thumb playing a lower harmony note. The thumb is rarely used by the experts to play the melody. It provides a harmony, bass line or counter-melody. The "pointin' finger" and "gettin' married finger" are available for embellishments around the melody.