Sunday, 6 February 2011

New Strings & Felts On Order...

I have just ordered my new strings and felt from d'Aigle Autoharps' Marketplace and so will soon be able to report on my mammoth effort to restring, retune and refelt my Chromaharp. I'll try to include pictures of me with strings springing everywhere and pieces of felt sticking to everything except the chord bars (just for your amusement, of course).

Now I guess I just have to find exactly which notes should sound in each chord so I don't completely screw it up - or compound any mistakes already made on the harp I have.

Pete d'Aigle has been really fantastic. I wanted to make sure that I was ordering the correct stuff, since the last thing I wanted was to have everything shipped over and then find out that it's useless for my harp. I flicked him an email with two quick pics of my harp and he got back to me within the day (or thereabouts, considering the time difference).

I got the String set right, it's a:
String set  Chromaharp & OS73 (Reissiue) 36 string packaged sets

I had picked the felts as well but if I had just clicked through the order I would have gotten the wrong type...I needed to specifically note that it was for a Chromaharp as they use a different thickness of felt than a standard autoharp (3/16ths inch - to be precise).

So, thanks to Pete d'Aigle...he also mentioned that he thought that there was a growing number of autoharpists in New Zealand. If that is true and any of you out there stumbles upon this site then please do flick me a message.

Here's the two pics of my harp that I sent to Pete d'Aigle, just so that you can see all of the strings I have managed to break in the process of trying to clean my harp...

Take care,


  1. Nice Autoharp! i have the same model..How much were you charged for the new felt and strings?...

  2. Hello, nicely done - hope your strings are serving you well.
    I teach music (drums, bass, guitar ) at a primary school
    and have just rescued a few old autoharps from the top of the music cupboard. I've always secretly loved them so have chosen one to do up. Your article is fun Let the battle commence!