Thursday, 3 February 2011

Joining the Cyberpluckers...

So I have recently joined the Cyberpluckers mailing list. This is an email forum for the autoharp and autoharp enthusiasts from around the world. It provides an ongoing and lively exchange about every topic to do with the autoharp. I will admit to being somewhat apprehansive about joining in as I am so new to the instrument and wasn't sure if anyone would want to even hear from someone who has yet to do much on the instrument but it has been a fantastic reception and also a great way to connect with other autoharpists from around the world (especially coming from NZ where there doesn't appear to be any autoharp scene to speak of - oh well, early days).

You can find the Cyberpluckers website at

Or join the list at

Take care and a big thank you to the cyber pluckers for making me welcome amidst their group,

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  1. I used to be part of this several years ago and am trying to join right now without any success. Keep getting emails back that say I am bouncing.